Courtesy of JC and many concerned others


1. When did STW begin?

2. How many people make up STW?

3. You offer free stickers to all who submit a SASE. How do you fill such orders in a timely fashion?

4. Are you ultimately skeptical of the alien entity depicted on your stickers or do you take the opposite approach- that these Gray types are in fact hell-bent on some surreptitious scheme to infiltrate the earth, or something along those lines?

5. Have you ever had any detrimental run-ins with the U.S. government?

6. Would you say that STW has grown in the recent years because of all the trite alien proliferation? Is that good or bad in your eyes?

7. How sinister do you think these aliens really are?

8. Is it possible that the grays truly are concocting relatively arbitrary biological procedures on humans just for scientific purposes, and that all the scare regarding them is the human mind's incapability to understand and accept? Or, is there sincerely a hidden agenda bubbling inside the Grays fragile heads as they wait for the days of an earthly conquest akin to our world's science-fiction ideology?

9. How deep-rooted is your faith in your organization's message?

10. Have you always been a UFO/ET enthusiast, in either a positive or negative sense?

11. As such, how do you know so much about the subject and all alien methodology/paradigms?

12. What does V2 mean?

13. What's in store for STW in the future? Are we awaiting some unsightly period of grief from these so-called entities?

14. How you you address accusations of racism/xenophobia?

15. Do you see a parallel between the alien grays and angels?


1. The Spread the Word alien resistance movement began in 1995. We attribute its inception to divine inspiration.

2. Spread the Word is made up of thousands of concerned anonymous individuals worldwide willing to help bring awareness to others regarding the nature of the alien presence. Our function at STW headquarters is to act as a relay for these good people, providing information, flyers and stickers; basically to give them the tools to alert and begin educating the masses. Because we do not keep a mailing list or data base of our supporters, the number of resisters is inestimable. STW is grateful to all who actively work at getting the word out.

3. The issue of the alien presence, and discernment of the nature of the phenomenon, is of such urgency that nothing is more important than getting the mail sent out.

4. STW is quite serious about the gravity of the apparent alien agenda. All indications show the alien attitude toward earthlings to be deceptive, compassionless, self-serving, and species arrogant. The grays and their affiliates truly do seem literally hell-bent to harvest a precious resource from us. They clearly covet something that we uniquely possess; something they are unable to manifest on their own, perhaps our very souls.

5. Because of the vast extent of the sticker movement, we believe that many are aware of the campaign. Because there are other more overt challenges to address at this point, we feel the covert nature and networking structure of Spread the Word movement is its greatest strength. The power of the people, mostly anonymous yet in great numbers and united with a voice, cannot be underestimated.

6. The proliferation of the alien image is definitely a cause for concern. This apparent acclimation seems meant to desensitize our defenses regarding the alien presence. Interestingly, the effort appears to sabotaging itself as people recognize and begin to resent being force fed a questionable icon. Thus the gross commercialism and cultural saturation of the alien face is actually helping to fuel the response to resistance. Conscious people are finding themselves innately suspicious or repulsed by the blitzkrieg of the alien face.

7. We cannot be careful enough in assessing the apparent deceptive alien nature. They have repeatedly shown themselves to be exploitative violators, giving us no choice in the participation of their so-called interactions.

8. An alleged advanced technological society as the Grays claim to belong to would have less invasive methods of conducting "research". In our view, the entities are carrying out a conquest to be sure. Consider that the touting of "science" may merely be alien camouflage; another aspect of their deceptive practices. What we are witnessing is a mass manipulation; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Feigning science as an excuse for abuse is unacceptable and unconscionable.

9. To the core.

10. Having always been an advocate for truth and righteousness, contemporary circumstance has brought the alien issue to the forefront.

11. Serious research fueled by compassion and experience.

12. The meaning of the V2 pseudonym is multi-faceted. Some speculate it has something to do with the science fiction series "V", wherein seemingly harmless aliens arrive on Earth and quickly begin a dictatorship that threatens to take over the world. Others have inquired about a connection to the famed V2 rocket of the World War II. Interestingly enough, the "V" of V2 rocket stands for "vergeltungswaffen" which means "retaliation weapon". The advanced technology of the V2 rocket served a significant post-war purpose in America, helping to launch us successfully into space; a more positive application of its power. Still others ask if V2 is the second round of Churchill's victory flash or the French Resistance movement inspired by Boris Vildé (which was armed with flyers and stickers to covertly fight Nazi oppression). All these interpretations are welcome as well as metaphorically relevant.

13. Rather than await an unfortunate mass intrusion, STW advocates empowerment of humanity NOW. We believe that an impending alien offensive toward Earth may actually be dissipated through education, a collective faith, strength of spirit, and lack of fear. By bringing awareness to others now through the dissemination of information and stickers, the immune system of the body of humanity can be bolstered. As in the fending off of any invasive virus, vaccination is the key. Perhaps if we inoculate the cells of the body -- our selves -- the alien dis-ease will find no earthly foothold on which to stand. Spread the Word will continue to act as a dispensary. Please contact us, for the sake of all.

14. STW is against racism and speciesism in all its forms. This campaign is not based on prejudice against immigrants or foreigners (a group from which myself and many STW resisters have emerged). Rather, we oppose oppression against all earthlings in all its forms, regardless of the perpetrator. The grays, as demonstrated by their own behavior, have made themselves representative of the worst of species-arrogance. Thus it is that we justify the STW emblem; disempowerment of the negative.

15. From all accounts the entities' behavior mirrors that of malevolent spiritual beings or fallen angels. Embracing this concept offers the key to stopping their abuse. Understanding we are facing spiritual warfare, faith is the foundation of the fight. Many have testified that invoking the name of Jesus Christ, with the belief to back the rebuke, has successfullly averted abduction attempts and stopped the entities in their tracks. Evidence of the power of the name of Christ is revelatory in considering the true identity and source of the alien presence.

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